Adobe is giving away a $10,000 grant to female student pursuing a STEM degree

You might be thinking of enrolling with an offline or online college degree, but you’re not particular sure which major to pursue. Well consider this. The contemporary business environment is increasingly becoming more dependent on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

With this in mind, it’s a great idea to enroll with a STEM degree. If you want a promising and robust career as soon as you graduate from your traditional or online education, a STEM degree might be the way to go.

It’s no secret today that IT makes up the backbone of the contemporary business environment and most businesses either heavily rely on it or specialize in provide IT-related solution. Since IT is based on STEM disciplines, enrolling with a STEM on-campus or online college degree can open up a world of possibilities when it comes to career prospects.

STEM programs are available from a wide range of educational institutions these days. They are offered by online colleges, as well as traditional institutions. So if you feel like you need a more flexible schedule, online education is also a worthy alternative to consider.

Online colleges offer STEM programs at undergraduate or graduate level, so you can choose whatever fits your needs. On top of that, online college degree programs promise to be more affordable than on-campus ones. This means, you’ll be able to pay for our online education easier.

Even if the fees of a STEM degree at online colleges are quite comparable to a similar degree at traditional universities, digital students are given the opportunity to save up quite a lot in other areas. For example, studying from home means you’ll be able to save up on room and board, and also on transportation.

Instead, you can reuse this cash to pay for your STEM online college degree. And if you still find you’re lacking in funds, you can apply for a scholarship.

There are so many scholarships today for STEM students, you won’t have a problem finding one. Here’s an example. It’s called the Adobe Women-in-Technology Scholarship, and while the deadline for this year might have expired, you’ should definitely bookmark this page and comeback to it next year.

The scholarship is open to female students in STEM and offers a generous grant of $10,000. What’s the profile of the students Adobe is looking to sponsor?

Well, candidates need to be majoring in computer science, computer engineering, or a closely related technical field, and maintain a strong academic record.

If that sounds like you, then note that in application portfolio should include the following items: a resume, academic transcripts, three references, and the answers to four essay questions that are available on the Adobe website. What’s more, there’s an optional 60-second video or multimedia subscription in which applicants are invited to describe their dream career.

This is just one example of STEM scholarships, but there are many-many more out there, so if you’re going into STEM, start searching. You’re bound to find a few that might be worthy of your attention.

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