$10,000 Distance Learning Scholarships

The University of London offers the Guy S. Goodwin-Gil distance learning scholarship for the Force Migration Studies and MA Refugee Protection studies, through online classes. The award will be a fee-waiver amounting up to $10,000 and will be used via online classes. Professor Goodwin-Gil is a supporter and a friend of the Refugee Law Initiative and to celebrate his career they are offering this program to candidates who lived in a low and middle income countries.

The modern proposals he formulated for sharing the obligation for protecting refugees amongst states are extraordinarily essential. In informal conversation or inside the media the phrase “refugee” is frequently used to refer to people fleeing civil warfare, disaster, famine or conflict. This MA is the most effective program of its kind to be provided through distance learning and has fast come to be one among the most important degree programs on forced migration everywhere within the world. This degree program offers a strong legal, realistic and theoretical information of refugee safety and forced migration. You will become more independent in coping with and critiquing policy, law and practice, and additionally in accumulating, organizing and deploying proof to form balanced judgments and expand coverage guidelines.

Applicants for this scholarship must meet the requirements, you must be holding an offer to study MA Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Studies, keep in mind that students cannot accept this offer without a financial support, willing to demonstrate future potentials and academic merit, you may also include your achievements by providing a personal statements. All this requirements will be reviewed. Please note that the holder of this scholarship must submit or write a short report each year, stating the impact and experience on studying and research for this degree program. The University of London has the right to withdraw the scholarship once this requirements or terms did not meet.

Professor Goodwin-Gill’s is an inspiration for this program, for his contribution on the International Refugee Law and its connections with the Refugee Law Initiative. This scholarship program will be promoting the refugee protection study and also, for the students who are struggling with financial circumstances.

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