Highest-rated Universities in British Columbia and Quebec

Quebec Quebec is recorded to be the largest Canadian province. Speaking of population, it is the second most populous province next to Ontario. Montréal is host to four top Canadian institutions. Their official lingua-franca is French. McGill University Montréal hosts the second top-ranked Canadian university in 2019. In 1821, the McGill University was founded and […]

X Reasons not to Aim for Top-rated colleges/Universities

Having top scores and bright academic record in your high school literally mean you passed with flying colors. And the next thought that comes in mind is applying for the best higher institution you know. Most high school ‘rock stars’ assume that seeking admission at elite universities is the best decision to make upon graduation. […]

Student veterans might want to take a look at this $1,000 scholarship

As a veteran returning to civilian life, you might be interested in enrolling with an offline or online college. But given that veterans are mostly non-traditional students who often times have a family and other responsibilities to handle, online degree programs seem a much better fit for this particular student category. While the experience of […]

Adobe is giving away a $10,000 grant to female student pursuing a STEM degree

You might be thinking of enrolling with an offline or online college degree, but you’re not particular sure which major to pursue. Well consider this. The contemporary business environment is increasingly becoming more dependent on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. With this in mind, it’s a great idea to enroll with a STEM degree. If […]

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